I was fortunate enough to enjoy Kanasta Caravan Park with my children and their friends for the Melbourne Cup Weekend, 2017.  We stayed in the newest Retro Glamper “Mavis”. She hasn’t had her makeover yet but is a very large Retro Glamper close to the play ground and toilet block (photos to come!). She is very well equipped with all your Retro Glamping needs. She also includes a TV, separate room with custom made bunk beds and plenty of storage.  She feels like a home away from home.  The bed is also SUPER comfy.  There is a gorgeous sofa bed in the main living area within the Annex. For more about Retro Glamping, please see the links above. IMG_6140 Retro Glamping in Rye. Tess (Owner) and Milla (daughter). IMG_6088 Hannah and Sascha in Mavis
  • Mavis sleeps 4 children comfortably inside the large Annex.
  • Two adults can use the bed inside the Caravan.
  • There is a large space for the kitchen and seating area also with a desk/kitchen bench area.

TIPS for Retro Glamping at Kanasta Caravan Park.

  • Take a dressing gown. This is for your short walk to the bathroom.
  • Kanasta Caravan Park just upgraded the hot water system to instantious which means you can have a lovely hot shower with instant hot water. Because it runs 8 showers, it can take a little while to warm up (maybe one minute).  Just run the shower for a bit then enjoy.  We have kept the Retro feel of the toilet blocks to suit the park.  The toilet blocks are cleaned at least twice daily.
  • There is a large BBQ area near reception.  There are also electric portable BBQs for you to use.
  • Please call the park direct to make bookings for Mavis as you can not book for more than 4 people online.
  • The playground is great for children.
  • There is an indoor games room.
  • Use the kettle to boil the water so you can wash your dishes.  Some of the Retro Glampers even have urns.

Each Retro Glamper has it’s own personality and has been lovingly restored using bright fun colours. Walking to the toilet block really reminded me of my family camping trips (when we were fortunate enough to stay in a caravan park).  As the owner of the park, I choose to stay in the Retro Glampers. The kids LOVE them and they have a lovely warm feel about them.

IMG_9289 Clearing the 135cm and over height restriction for the Grand Tree Surfing IMG_6127 Preparing for the Grand Tree Surfing.

A day packed full of adventure and fun!

Enchanted Maze

We booked ahead for the Grand Tree Surfing online at the Enchanted Maze. The girls were a little nervous about their height but we just made it in. We choose the 10am time slot which was a good time but next time I would even go earlier as the Enchanted Maze fills up fast. The lovely staff prepared the girls for the courses and gave a good 10 minute safety briefing before they set off. As a parent with younger taller children, I would recommend you join your children on the course.  You feel pretty helpless when you are on the ground and they get stuck and can not turn back.   It is a lot of fun, very challenging and keeps you young! A lot of parents were braving the courses and it is a lot of laughs as you all spur each other on to get through the obstacles. The restrictions are you must be over 135cm and under 120kg. IMG_6145 Hannah, Sascha and Milla enjoying their lollies at the restaurant IMG_6258-e1510103963836 Tube slides. The equipment can be a bit tricky to get the hang of but by the end you feel like a bit of a professional clipping the carabiner on and off each obstacle (50 in total across the 5 courses).   Milla and I worked together as a team while Hannah and my oldest Sascha sped through the 5 courses including the bonus rock climbing wall at the end.  The kind and friendly staff informed my younger more cautious daughter (who did not want to do it after completing course one)  that she had completed the hardest course (number three) and that four and five are a lot easier.  That really made her day, thank you lovely staff! We were really proud of ourselves completing the three courses and we are looking forward to trying the last two courses when we return.  The overall best part of the Tree Surfing was sharing it with my kids and their friends.  We can not wait to do it again.


  • Pack a picnic. We saw visitors take mini BBQs.  You can stay there all day and enjoy the gardens.
  • Definitely book online before you go (see link below)
  • Try the Zip Line. You can book this online too.  The time will be different to theTree Surfing so check your ticket.  The Zip line goes over the entire Park.
  • There is another section of the Park that includes a fun mirror maze and a 3D scary Maze.  You can take off your 3D glasses if it gets too scary.  Watch for the loud bang!
  • For Vegetarians such as myself, there is a salad sandwich and chips available.  I will be sure to check about Vegan options next time. The bonus again is you can bring your own food.
  • There is lollie heaven at the restaurant. A cup is 5 dollars and kids can fill it to the brim.
  • Apparently you should move your legs when approaching the end of the Zip Line on each course of the Tree Surfing. This didn’t really help me as I landed on my butt each time but the landing was quite soft as they use mulch.
  • Kanasta Caravan Park sells the general entry tickets a bit cheaper.  Call the park to find out more on 03 5985 2638.
The girls raced over to the Tube Slides straight after Tree Surfing.  The best one according to 10 year olds is “slide 3”.  It is actually pretty scary for adults but you get use to it. There are a lot of hills and walking at the Enchanted Maze so no need to do a workout before going! You will need your energy.

The Arthurs Seat Eagle

We decided to take a bit of a break from the park before doing the mazes and experience the Arthurs Seat Skylift Eagle. It is so close to the Enchanted Maze and makes for a great bonus outting.  There is also a restaurant at the bottom. You can go one way so that you may park your car down the bottom of the Eagle and experience the Enchanted Maze then return to your car after. I personally would prefer to leave my car in the car park at the Enchanted Maze as we like to stay the entire day with the break being the Eagle ride. We load up the car with everything and return to it frequently.  We LOVED the Eagle. The views are stunning. Such a professional service. Friendly staff and each cabin/carriage is partly enclosed so you have the added benefit of keeping warm while taking in the breath taking surrounds of Arthurs Seat. IMG_6231-1 Skylift Eagle IMG_6225-e1510109618152 Such a professional service. Friendly staff and each cabin/carriage is partly enclosed so you have the added benefit of keeping warm while taking in the breath taking surrounds of Arthurs Seat.

Back to the Mazes!

After our return trip aboard the Eagle, we couldn’t resist returning to the park to experience the many Mazes.  Here is Milla finding one of the five Buddhas as a challenge through the Bordered Hedge Maze. The Maze is sometimes a bit tricky but it is a lot of fun especially listening to everyone try and find their way out. My tip is to look up. Thanks for reading. Tess – Owner – Kanasta Caravan Park.


The Enchanted Maze Eagle Arthurs Seat Retro Glamping at Kanasta Caravan Park IMG_6160 Milla finding one of the five Buddhas through the Bordered Hedge Maze.


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