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Explore the wonders of the “The Octopuses Garden Marine Trail’.    This is a free activity you can do by yourself or with your kids.  The Pier is an easy walk from Kanasta Caravan Park. 

Good to know 

  • Underwater signs lead you along the self-guided tour and explain the sea life in the area including sea horses, sea slugs, hermit crabs and goatfish. Depending on the tide the depth varies from half a metre to three metres.
  • A sign near the Pier gives detailed explanations of how to follow the trail.
  • You will need your own snorkelling equipment (mask and snorkel).
  • Water depths vary from 0.5m to 3m.
  • Educate yourself about the sea life for example some jelly fish can sting! 

Some interesting facts about the Octopuses Garden Marine Trail….

“The Octopuses Garden Marine Trail is a Victorian first.

Located at Rye Pier on the Mornington Peninsula, it is an innovative project that captured the imagination and attention of the community, project partners and media. Sponsored by Transfield Services with support from Parks Victoria and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

It is a self guided trail where you can expect to see schooling fish, pylons saturated with colour and life, seahorses, crabs, rays and even the odd penguin.

Signs mounted on the pylons indicate special features of the area and animals to look out for. Seven underwater signs on the left hand side take you out, while seven on the right hand-side bring you back to the shore.

It has become an exciting outdoor classroom popular with schools, community groups, snorkelers, families and tourists.” 

“Filmed by the fabulous David Bryant from Seapics.”

Singing praises when due to Sheree Marris:

“Sheree Marris is one of Australia’s most passionate and dynamic marine ambassadors. Through radio talk- back, television appearances, hosting documentaries and featuring in commercials, Sheree has gained a reputation and profile among the Australian community, national corporate organisations and all levels of government as an expert in her field.”   Click here for more information about Sheree Marris….

Well done and thank you  Sheree Marris for making this wonderful project happen. If it was not for my youngest daughter having to pick a scientist she admired for her school project, I  would have never known about this fascinating project so very close to Kanasta Caravan Park :).