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What is glamping and what is retro glamping?

Glamping means “glamorous camping”. It is a form of camping that has all the added luxuries that is not involved in regular camping. Hence why it is called “Glamping”.

When you add the “Retro” to Glamping, it refers to a Retro Caravan Glamping experience. Retro certain style or fashion from the recent past “60’s”

Why “Retro”?

We use the term “Retro” because our caravans have been lovingly restored and have a rich history tied to the 1950’s. We are always on the look out for retro caravan items to add to our fleet of glampers.. We strive to preserve the retro feel to provide a relaxed and unique experience while staying on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. We also offer a unique experience in that each retro glamper has their own personality and name to them.

Types of Retro Glampers?

At Kanasta we have 2 styles of Retro glampers.

The cosy little Retro Glamper that sleeps 2.

And the more Luxurious and spacious retro glamper that sleeps 4.

The 4 sleeper glampers have an attatched annex to the Caravan. These are regularly seen through the older style 1950’s caravan parks

What makes our Glamping experience different?

Everything is set up for you which is not like traditional camping. You simply walk in to the Retro Glamper and relax, you are on holiday!

We have reception staff always available to ensure you have everything you need. We are here to service you during your stay. We pride ourselves on guest satisfaction.

We are also VERY proud of our fleet of retro glampers.
Each retro glamper is unique and affordable.
We want you to experience what glamping is all about.

Kanasta CP is situated in the very heart of the Mornington Peninsula. There are so many places to see and enjoy. Please refer to our “what to do on the Mornington Peninsula”  page for more information.

We are a small boutique caravan park. This is what makes us different from the rest. We pride ourselves on location, customer service and satisfaction. We want you to make fantastic memories and we will go above and beyond to ensure your memories at Kanasta are the best ever.

As an added bonus we have a BBQ area, games room, play ground area for you and your families enjoyment.

What also makes us different from other retro glamping experiences is that we also offer an annex in our fleet of “Retro Glamper sleeps 4”.

With having the attached annex to the caravans this gave us the opportunity to decorate and create a very spacious and even more luxurious glamping experience for families and groups to enjoy. We do have extra bedding for families of 5. Please call reception and request additional bedding when making a booking direct.

What is inside the glampers?

Our Retro Glampers are well equipped with all your glamping needs. They are all uniquely decorated and individually named with their own personalities. We hope you come back and try all of our ladies.

Inside our glampers you will find everything you need to ensure your stay is comfortable, including a fridge, microwave, glasses, cutlery, comfy couches and chairs, out door seating, toiletries and towels, storage, luxury bedding and comfortable beds, TV, fan heater, fan for cooling.

Our smaller glampers do have less storage space than our larger glampers but still has enough space to accommodate a couple who wants to enjoy a Retro Glamper and experience the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula (for a great price!).

Who is suited to retro glamping?

People who love to camp but are looking for a more luxurious form of camping.

We would suggest you do your research before booking into a Retro Glamper. We have had some excellent feedback from our guests and we understand that glamping isn’t for everyone so if you don’t like the walk to the shower/ toilet block or are wanting something that is more home built then we have the ultimate solution for you, as we have also added two glamping cabins Daisy & Evie. These gorgeous girls have even more form of luxurious glamping with the added shower and toilet inside as well as split system air-conditioning & cooling, as well as their beautifully decorated retro styled décor.

If you are interested in experiencing Retro Glamping at Kanasta Caravan Park, why not Book online or give us a call today.